FIFA Mobile

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FIFA Mobile is a mobile soccer game by Electronic Arts, where soccer fans have the opportunity to build their ultimate team with their favourite or best players in the world!

Role: UX Designer

Create wireframes and user flows that meets users' expectations and game designers' intented design. Conduct user testing for features in development. Create prototypes to demonstrate how the user will interact with the feature. Review UI Artist's mockups.


  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Sketching
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • MIRO


The sole UX Designer in a team of 100+ people

Improve Retention in VS Attack Mode

For FIFA Mobile Season 3, we wanted more players to play the VS Attack game mode. The game designers introduced a new reward system that required players to wait for the timer to end or pay with premium currency to immediately get the rewards. The result did not turn out the way they wanted. Majority of the players forgot to claim their rewards or start the unlock timer. The core problem was Season 2 VS Attack interface wasn't designed with the new time-based reward system. We needed a new VS Attack hub that:

FIFA Mobile old vsa

The Season 2 VS Attck hub

Players Expected Reminders to Claim Time-based Rewards

I explained to the team that we needed to make the rewards claimable on the VS Attack hub itself without players having to access a different screen to get their rewards because that would reduce the need for players to remember the timer. Since most of our players had experience playing other games with timed-based reward system, I realized that they were expecting our timed rewards to have similar interactions. I adapted the design pattern for time based pattern to reduce the learning curve, so players would quickly understand our new time-based reward system.

new vsa

The new Season 3 VS Attck hub

To remind users to go to VS Attack mode to get their rewards or start the timer, I added two additional states to the VS Attack tile on the Main Menu.

new home

Players are Happy with The New Design

Prior to release, we AB tested the new design. The result demonstrated that the new design increased retention around 4%. More players claimed their rewards and spent to unlock rewards immediately. When the new design went public, players shared their love for the new design on Reddit and Twitter. The new design was what players needed to help optimize their time in the game.

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