Beast Brawlers

Players bring their fantasy beasts to battle in an arena

Beast Brawlers is an online PvP (Player vs Player) mobile game by V2 Games, where mystical beasts fight each other to become the champion! Players battle each other in real-time, and the player who scores the most points win. Beast Brawlers was awarded Top 10 at the Google Play Indie Games Festival 2017.

Role: UX Designer

Create wireframes based on design/game requirements that meet's users' need and expectations. Create click-through prototypes for the team. Establish UX Design principles.


  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Sketching
  • InVision


One of the two UX Designers on the team consisted of 20+ people

Recreating Console Experience on Mobile

I had the opportunity to design the gameplay UI. The goal was to make players feel like they are playing a console game on mobile. The stakeholers provided me with a long list required content to include within a small mobile interface.

Beast Brawlers Gameplay screenshot

Identifying Player’s Need in a Match

Due to limited space on screen, there was no way for me to include all the required content. To figure out which information to exclude from the UI, I discussed with the Lead Game Designer to prioritize the content from least to most important. By creating user flows, we were able to identify the core content players need during the match. As I presented my wireframes, I explained to the stakeholders that players could feel overwhelmed if we included the unnecessary information, and it could also be distracting.

Beast Brawlers Gameplay Wireframe

When I was desigining the interaction and UI, I adopted common design patterns from other games. Patterns help players to quickly understand the UI, which is really important in gameplay setting. Players need focus on the game itself and not get distracted by the UI. To deliver gameplay like experience on mobile, I adapted the controller layout to create the controls UI.

Beast Brawlers Gameplay screenshot

Positive Test Results

We tested the gameplay UI on Players commented how easy it is for them to figure out who is on top during the match and the controls felt great. The positive test result gave us the confirmation we needed and improvements, such as arrows to directed towards enemies.

Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play